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Welcome to Section 21 and Rent Arrears Website

This website is designed as a free resource for self managed landlords specifically in relation to eviction notices.  It offers no paid for services and we hope you find our website informative and supportive.  We also include links to other sites which have the same ethos of supporting self managed landlords.

Section 21 Notices are simple and effective tools for landlords but they are all too often misunderstood.  This website is a free and helpful resource for all landlords interested in running their properties themselves and with an interest in The Housing Act or tenant eviction.

Section 21 and tenant eviction notice guide in Peterbrough and Midland

This website seeks to:

-          Explain Eviction Notices

-          Identify and Explain the Different Types of Notices

-          Explain how and when to use Section 21 Notices effectively

-          Allow you to download Section 21 Notices FREE of charge

-          Give you access to a range of other free online resources

Whilst this site is principally a guide to help landlords manage their property themselves, the website will also point you in the direction of affiliates and partners that provide telephone services or legal support services should you so require them.  These providers are all Self Managed Landlord friendly!  They will not try to take over your property management nor will they charge you high fees.

Please note that this types of Notices only apply to Assured Shorthold Tenancies under the Housing Act 1988.  As a result Section 21 Notices, and this particular website is only of relevance to Landlords who have residential property in England or Wales.  Landlords of residential property in Scotland and Northern Ireland should be aware that the items discussed on this site are not relevant to those properties.

If there is anything that you feel we have not included or if there are any errors that have been identified then please do not hesitate to let us know and we will look to rectify them immediately.  Best practice is unlikely to change very frequently but we will endeavour to keep the website up to date with the latest in best practice and legislation.

If you wish to contribute on Eviction Notices or any other relevant topic then please do get in touch with us.

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